Every once-in-a-while something pops up we would never have expected to see.  Dave Rothrock starting a blog might just fall into that category.  Why in blue blazes would I venture into the world of blogging you might wonder.  Well, it's a question I had to consider - and answer - for myself in order to arrive at this point.  

The way information is disseminated in the world of fly-fishing has changed quite a bit over the years.  While books and magazines are still an important and valuable source of information available to fly-fishers we now have social media with YouTube videos, podcasts and, yes, blogs added to the equation.

While I've written for a number of publications off and on over the years and more recently for some online journals I felt it was time to take advantage of the blog option.  By doing so all credit - both positive or negative - comes back to ... yup, you guessed it:  ME!.

Having been at this fly-fishing game for well over 50 years I've managed to learn a few things (still have A LOT more to learn) and I've formulated a bunch of opinions based on study, analysis and flat out speculation.  This is the kind of "stuff" I'll be sharing here.  I'll be "talking" about flies and hatches, techniques, casting and more.  Then, there will be the more controversial topics where I'll be passing along my opinions (some say I have at least one about almost everything) and observations.  To live up to the title of the blog I'll have to rant now and then, as well!

So, come aboard and join me on this journey into the world of blogging.  It could prove to be an interesting ride!   

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  1. This is a fabulous development. I look forward to your rants.

  2. Very cool. I fly-fish in the south but really miss fishing for trout on a regular basis(one trip per year doesn't satisfy that craving). I'll be following along. Jim Dussias

  3. Dave, love it! Lookinh forward to every blog. Tighlines sir!


  4. I’m very glad I found this and look forward to reading it in the future. Thanks Dave😉.

    1. Bill, you asked about tippet rings. No, I don't use them. I am old school to a point so I just tie blood knots. I always say I'd loose all of the rings before I got one successfully tied on to my leader. Thanks for the comments!