It's always good to get together with those who share a common interest.  In this regard today's fly-tyers are no different.  Whether its demo tying at a T. U. or FFI meeting or at a show we're always eager to mingle with other tyers.  It's so much of what we like to do.  Sharing experiences relating to on the stream or at the vise is commonplace.  And, it just plain adds to the appeal and enjoyment of what many refer to as "the craft."

My earliest efforts at tying a fly takes me back to another time:  a time when those who tied flies made it a point to NOT share.  Yes, there were those few who had begun to break through the membrane of secrecy that had surrounded this craft but they were still seen as the exception rather than the norm.  Fortunately, it didn't take long for this to change.


Today, it's a matter of "ask and it shall be given unto you" when it comes to information about tying a fly.  Secrets only remain so as long as the tyer hasn't yet had the opportunity to share a new technique or a new variation of an old one.  I'm one of those who believe there's VERY little under the sun that's actually new or that new isn't always better.  

For a long time one of the few ways to expose one's self to a variety of tying techniques was when the local Trout Unlimited chapter had some of their members tying before the business meeting.  I was fortunate to find a few guys who wanted to get together through the winter to tie.  We'd rotate hosting the group at each other's house from week to week.  Never any set patterns to tie, just tie what we'd want.  Of course, there was the food.  Goodies galore!  Those were good times.

Today we have the Fly Fishing Show circuit with the tying celebrities tying their most notables and then there's the grandest of them all, the Fly-Tyer's Symposium.  For many years I was one of those tyers and I can tell you first hand the admission to these shows is more than worth it just to be able to watch and learn from the vast volume of talent there.  Yeah, I know.  What about YouTube?  Sorry, but I just haven't been able to get any of those tyers to pay attention to me when I ask a question.  They simply go on as if I'm not even there.  Hrumpf!

While I may not get to fellowship with other tyers as I did in the past (I'll never admit I miss it just slightly) there is one event that provides us an opportunity to spend a little time together.  You see, Chuck Furimsky and his son Ben are flat out O.K.  It's because of Chuck's generosity and desire to express their thanks to the tyers that we have the Fly-Tyers' Reunion weekend.  This event is hosted by Chuck at Seven Springs Mountain Resort at Highlands Sporting Clays.  It was held this year (2022) on April 28.  I can safely say a good time was had by all.  I absolutely must give a giant shout-out to Chuck and Ben Furimsky for their including so many talented tyers in their shows.  The biggest THANK YOU to both of them.

On a sad note the fly-tying community lost one of our finest this year.  Randy Buchanan was a constant at the shows here in the east.  You could always count on Randy tying his signature stonefly nymphs and other assorted patterns using Larva Lace.  I counted Randy as a friend and now-and-then even a fishing companion.  I was hit hard by his passing;  yet, it's something we'll all have to face at some point as an inevitability.  For me, it is so critical to plan for what comes after.

And, who knows.  You may see me sitting behind a vise one day at one of the shows.  It's not beyond the realm of possiblity, you know... 



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